Welcoming in 2010

Good evening all, and welcome to my new blog.

Yes, it’s called Sheer Music, that’s really part of who I am now, but its aim is far wider.

I will be using this space as a generic music blog for Devizes, advertising every aspect of our local scene and its happenings, adding in all of its events and generally making us out – to the untrained eye – to be a big musical melting pot.

First up then, the big one; New Year’s Eve. There’s a myriad of things going on, all worthy of our attention, but I’ll stick with the musical side of things, more specifically “White Knuckle Bride” at the Cavalier. It’s £3 in advance from the venue. Doors are 7.30pm – late night, with a rock DJ until the early hours.

Alternatively you can head over to the Merchant’s Suite at the Corn Exchange. £20 gets you in and gives you what is basically a free bar – obviously you’ve paid for it via your £20 entry, but you could in theory drink yourself blind – if thats your persuasion. Either way it’s going to be messy – Gordon’s going to have fun with that!

Some exciting band news to come in January, all the Corn Exchange gigs to spam you with, the Devizes Festival line-ups are beginning to be confirmed, and my new Twitter account.

That’s quite enough to be going on with, I’ve got loads of stuff in the first 6 months of 2010 to rave about – so if you’ve got anything going on and want it to be on here, feel free to drop me an email / Facebook me – You know it makes sense!

Have a great New Years, wherever you are, and be sure to get in touch!

Finally, a huge debt of gratitude to Lee Russ for his infinite wisdom and time, I really couldn’t do this stuff without you boyo!

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