That’s 2009 nailed then.

Everyones last show of the year was held at the Cavalier, and what good company we were in! A veritable who’s who of Devizes’s heavy music scene, which paved the way for some brutal ear bashing.

Opening the night were City May Cave, who put in a brief 5-song set, notable for the first airing of their new song “Beautiful”, being a taught, concise summary of their post-hardcore sound. But what’s making these youngsters so angry? Last song “Pacman vs Superman” sounded jolly enough, until singer Tom let loose his best gut-wrenching inaudible scream.

Deliverance didn’t mess about in a set heavy on the covers, making Slayers “Reign In Blood” and Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law” become highlights of a very loud set. Their “all must wear metal tee’s” dress-code made me chuckle, as singer Liam Juggings proudly beat his chest declaring “we’re going to play a song by my favoute band – oh not this one, this is a Chimaira t-shirt” and some excellent typically metal song titles of their own including “River Runs Black” delivered in a gutteral growl. Now thats proper.


But the night clearly belonged one band and one band only – White Knuckle Bride. A band I have been excited about seeing since May, when they practised after every one of my Devizes Festival Battle of the Bands gigs.

For a first show it blew us away with its delivery, every song in their debut set was memorable for its foot-on-monitor stomp, and pained clenched-fist-grip-the-air action! The room was packed and the atmosphere thick in expectation in a whirlwind 40-minute set (I missed the end for further NYE commitments, for shame!)

Thankfully I don’t have to wait long for another show – they are opening for Rat Attack in a few weeks.

So all in all, great end to 2009 – with plenty of promise for 2010! I’m looking forward to the new year, and I hope to see you at a show.


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