Confessions of a Sound Engineer

As you may already be aware, I work as an ad-hoc sound engineer at the 12 Bar and Victoria in Swindon – two fantastic venues with eclectic bills. There’s something for every one, so you should check them both out.

Anyway, I consider myself rather lucky to do a lot of sound for tribute artists. Tribute artists often come in for a lot of stick – they don’t ever sound like the original, and they don’t usually look right either, however hard they try!

So I will be dropping from time to time a wee review or two of some of the tribute bands I cover in Swindon. First up is Status Quo tribute “Just Supposin” who play the 12 Bar tomorrow (9th Jan) – if there’s anyone who wants to come along and watch, you can get a free lift from me, but bear in mind we come back late, as I have to help clear up afterwards.

If you were wondering where I got my influence for such a blog – I read this infrequent blog from time to time – he often shares his same old problems, and it’s nice to know we all have them.

Just Supposin - Status Quo tribute actFaith No More tribute


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