BBC Radio Wiltshire Introducing…

For those of you who don’t already know, BBC Radio Wiltshire have their own “Introducing” session every Thursday between 7 and 9pm. It’s hosted by the lovely William Walder and Marie Lennon – both long term fans of Sheer, having been spotted enjoying many a Fog Band show in Devizes.

Their last session, Thursday just gone, I was invited to talk a little bit about Devizes, and you can listen again via the link below. I’m approximately 1hr 10min in, but the whole show is worth listening to if you have time.

On another note – A HUGE THANK YOU to all that made it to the ‘Bell Friday night – It was a magnificent gig!
Kudos to all the members of other bands who came to support their scene and to the lovely gentleman who came from the Wiltshire Times to review it. Subsequently I won’t be writing about it myself, but pasting a relevant link in due course. A wee thank you too, to Mr Corbett (and Miss), our resident poster designer who turned up unannounced to work the door.

William Walder and Marie Lennon
Will Walder and Marie Lennon

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