COASE #1, Cats And Cats And Cats with Ute & Spring Offensive

While the cat’s away, the mice will play – as it turns out they played at the 12 Bar, eating their way through a monitor amp and thus rendering the Journey / Foreigner night monitor-less.

I, however, had no such problems in what turned out to be an utterly entertaining and relaxing experience at the Victoria.

I arrived at the venue 30 minutes early, only to find Cats and Cats and Cats already loaded in and trying to find a safe place to park – no mean feat in Old Town, Swindon, let me tell you! I had to play catch up getting the PA up and running, I put on a CD to ease us through set-up and we were soon chatting like old friends.

It’s weird meeting people on the road, who’ve been out and about touring – They bump into people who know you up in Stoke or in Bristol and are on to a new place where they are playing with bands who’ve recently played for you. Anyway, we passed the time remembering the last time Cats and Cats and Cats played the Vic for Sheer Music, and how we hope it’s as good again tonight.

Cats had just come from über cool Bristol night “Start The Bus“, and were looking forward to trying to follow up Ute’s tour antics – with the two bands trying to up the ante with each show, it led to Cats playing in their – I kid you not – pyjamas! (Well, all bar the lovely Violinist, and frankly I don’t blame her).


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