Where are they now?

Over the past 6 years of organising my own gigs and events, I’ve come to meet a lot of good, motivated people.

Lots of these people have ended up pursuing their desires and working in the music / events industries, and they all had humble, Devizes beginnings. So I’m going to start a small feature, simply called “Where are they now?” It’s designed to show you where a bit of grit and determination can get you, if you need a little inspiration!

First up; Daniel Pratt.

Dan was lead guitarist and vocalist in a couple of indie punk bands such as Personality Cult and Private World. His bands were notably tight live, though a bit rough in approach. They were always gloriously fun, loud and messy affairs. Private World won a battle of the bands at Moles Club, Bath, and recorded there. They also shared the stage with the likes of Blackbud, LostAlone, The Fog Band and Fickle Public to name but a few.

But where is he now?

Dan now works for a Wiltshire-based, temporary power logistics company simply called Power Logistics. Power Logistics supply generators to festivals and major outdoor events. Last year Dan notably powered V-Fest, The Big Chill and the Hyde Park shows as well as all manner of stadium gigs.

Though he now calls Bristol his home, he lives mainly out of a hotel in the place he’s working, spending most of his time on the road.

2010 looks set to be another busy year for Dan, as the company are just shaping up their calendar, but don’t envy him just yet – though you may buy a ticket to an event, and go home after – power for these events are set up long before, and packed away again days after you’ve had your fun. So it’s not all fun and games!

Dan Pratt Live at Moles Club Bath, circa 2004/5?

Well done Dan, I still spin The Septiks from time to time, great tunes, great tunes!


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