Introducing Amazing Radio.

This company recently contacted me looking for Wiltshire-based acts to play on their station, and I felt it would be worth your while knowing about them, so check them out!

For those of you that may be unaware, recently decided to bite a very large, music shaped bullet and launch a national radio station. While I can’t tell you how a bullet can be shaped like music, I can enlighten you a little further on the ins and outs of what we’ve called Amazing Radio.

Broadcasting throughout Britain on DAB digital radio (and online) we’re now providing the world’s first, and only, dedicated unsigned radio station. All content that reaches the airwaves is uploaded to by you folk at home – not a label in sight – with the artist still keeping 70% of the revenue.

We’ve well and truly wandered off the beaten track here and to a larger extent we’ve a relatively unknowing view of where the station will be a year or so from now. There’s a good reason for this though; it is our aim to place the power back in the hands of the people that actually listen, to heed suggestions of the fans and artists and provide the listener with a democratic service that evolves with the wants of those that tune in. How refreshing…

The music industry is by and large a closed shop, far too incestuous to be fair and far too quick to dismiss anything brave enough to buck the trend. It’s fair to say that we’re not really the most compassionate of people here at when it comes to our view of the current industry – an antiquated machine, rusted up cogs that churn to the same sounds, insistent on ignoring the digital era and patronising the awakened listener with their rotisserie-like flavour of the week. Even those organisations supposedly representing the artists – such as the PRS – somehow manage to tread on the toes of the listeners.

To this ends we’ve tailored Amazing Radio to provide something a little more real – to offer something that will strike a chord with genuine music fans and first time listeners alike. You may not be aware for example, but Amazing Radio stands outside the cumbersome grip of the PRS. Listening to Amazing Radio at work, or in the shops, doesn’t require a PRS license. This is certainly radio for the people by the people with no hurdles, no advertising, and most importantly, a constant flow of great new music.

Having just taken off air the last of the test transmissions we’re now airing the first scheduled shows. Have a listen and see what you think. Then tell us. What do you want to hear? Let us know what you like and even more importantly, what you don’t like and let’s ensure that as we move forwards we’re all singing from the same, innovative and ethical hymn sheet.

Amazing Radio


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