Hounds Of Love 12/02/2010

Tribute acts usually have dodgy “pun” names for example; Gunes2Roses or High-on Maiden etc.

It’s nice to see a Kate Bush tribute act not go down that rather obvious route. Maybe that’s to do with the fact she’s a girl of massive respect? I dunno…

What I do know is that Kate Bush tribute acts (and we’re talking BANDS here) are, well, non-existent. We’ve all seen or heard dodgy women in clubs playing to backing tracks, but an actual band, tackling songs that were constructed in a recording studio, rather than jammed… It’s a tough call.

Luckily I had the pleasure of engineering one such band last Friday – The Hounds Of Love.

Their story left me somewhat jaded with the industry – agent/promoter finds beautiful girl with beautiful voice singing in grotty rock clubs, she sounds just like Kate Bush (and she really does) and offers to send her on tour. He builds a band of session / touring / tribute musicians around her and sends them out. None of the band are massive fans, but love playing live. All members of the band are fantastic musicians – especially the guitarist who has to wrestle with so many unique sounds – which are probably Dat or keyboards live – making them fit a guitar and the limits of a mans hand.

Anyway, the sound is what I’m meant to be reviewing. The tour manager kept saying to me ditties such as “we want it to seep from the stage rather than the speakers” or “like a jazz band”. All I could think was “What on earth do you mean?!”

After a good quality 45-minute sound check, fiddling with the front of house EQ’s and deciding it was probably the speakers that make the keyboards sound so harsh, the band set to play, and play they did, very quietly.

Its a tactic I’ve seen before, play so damned quietly the audience dare not speak. Any bar sound would have ruined the precious ambiance of the songs, luckily we had no such problem with a great and well behaved audience, and simply put – for a first time they blew the audience away. They will be back, but next time it won’t be 100 in the venue, it’ll be sold out.

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