Your new read: Ragdoll Magazine!

Let me take this moment to point you in the direction of Ragdoll Magazine.

They are new only the block, being on their fifth issue and come in with a glossy top finished fanzine aimed at music, fashion and thought.

I picked up the current issue – with a red head chick on the front – the first I’ve actually held, and was pleasantly surprised.

You see, the team behind it used to be part of The Ocelot, another high quality fanzine with a broader appeal. I wasn’t sure what to expect to begin with, but Ragdoll has definitely got an edge. It’s a lot more serious to read, less puns and more content to get you thinking (a section called “Working the Streets” – asking Tom, Dick and Harry their thoughts, this week on Capital Punishment…)

Being a music fan, the magazine comes into its own, there’s a column by Marie Lennon, one half of the awesome BBC Radio Wiltshire Introducing Session, who works so tirelessly on music in Wiltshire, a section on the local scene (I assume this is aimed at Swindon?) a section on acts that never quite made it but deserved to (that’s going to be a busy column…) Demo of the month, notable listings (we get a mention!!), a fashion section and lots more, and its HALF the size of The Ocelot.

Better than The Ocelot? Probably not.

More focussed (on music)? Definitely. If you see one, pick it up and read.

Good work Bozley!

Ragdoll's Current Issue


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