We have a FOLK club? Folk off do we!!

Seriously, Devizes does, and its at The Lamb.

Ok so this may not be news to some, but as I walked past The Lamb on my round the other day, I thought I’d pop in for the information on their up coming show for this here blog, when Jesus Christ on a stick there was a flyer for the Devizes Folk Club.

My instant thought was “knit your own wheatabix” style folk, but heres the clincher – they are charging “proper” entry fees.

If you charge £6/7/8 on the door, the product has to back it up – so, without running through their entire upcoming events, heres what’s coming up, Mick Ryan & Paul Downes Jan 25th, Geoff Higginbottom (snigger) 8th Feb, Thornbridge 22nd Feb, Wessex Contraband 8th March and Mary Humphreys & Anahata 22nd March.

Some of that is out of date, but I wanted to show its been going for a while!

They also run open mic nights called “Singers & Musicians” on the flyer. Catchy & clear as mud – but that apparently means they want singers and musicians for the night, and you can come fill your boots!

I’m sure this venture has been promoted in the right areas, but I have yet to come across it, you can find more information out on their website, or you can call 07714 550990.
(nb. having just checked their website, its hosted by Kennet Community Web – nothing wrong with that, just letting you )
know you got the right site)

If you’re a soloist, it is probably well worth checking out their open mic nights, Devizes really could do with a bit of this, there is one draw back though – Monday nights, and doors start at 8pm. Going to be a late one so early in the week!

Folk Club


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