Onetwothrewandin @ Merchants Suite 5/2/2010


I apologise now for the slow report, the gig was on the 5th of February! But its a review worth the wait!

A gig surrounded in suspense and anticipation, I had personally had since before christmas, finally came to fruitation – one month after the cold snap cancelled Sheer’s first show of 2010. We bought in a new PA to beef up the sound, and though it was good fun, I really don’t think we gained anything from it – if anything, due to its age. It wasn’t as clear or loud as we wanted!

Alas, nothing held us back in the search for the first kick ass show of 2010, and we got it, in bucketfuls!

We were lucky enough to have The Ocelot present AND general Wiltshire musical botherer Will Walder from BBC Radio Wiltshire, Devizes is beginning to turn heads, and be taken seriously!

I had never in nearly 15 previous attempts been able to fill the Corn Exchange, so when we had a queue from the door to the fountain in the market place, it pretty much told me all I had to know, 100 meters of pure teenage adrenaline ready to be set loose upon the unsuspecting band(s) – it would be fair to say 123 and Ready Set Low had an idea of what to expect, but Mexicofalls certainly didn’t.

They had travelled from Kent for the tour, and from Oxford that day in a crappy touring van, which had given out. A kit share disaster was on the cards but as Mexicofalls stepped into the venue 10 minutes before they went on – it was probably fate that it panned out that way, as all that tension boiled over into their set, as they ripped it up in the most suitable manner.

Thanks to TheJonesFamily, heres a video to remind us…

The night was opened by Ready Set Low, a hometown debut for two of the members, having previously played in Throwing Paper Aeroplanes. You would be forgiven to thinking it would have been awkward for them to meet onstage again, but think again, friendship lasts more than a band or two – and Ready Set Low’s harder edge and chuggy guitar gave them an edge on the night lacking from the other two bands. They were tight and professional, and the perfect openers. We’ll have them back again as headliner, seeming how well they went down!

But neither RSL or MF were the band everyone came to perve over, its was the boyish charms of Onetwothreeandin.

They walked onstage to 5 (Five right?) and a wicked light show and smoke screen – again, video below. I wonder how many shows they now have under their collective belts? It shows as they were tighter than the proverbial ducks bottom.

Max Bishops bass levelled us, maybe I had it up too high, but on the night it suited. The 3 part harmonies note perfect, the crowds sing-a-long never missed a line, the night was so saccharine I didn’t need sugar in my tea! Shamefully for me, it wasn’t until halfway through the set I got the guitars to the right level – having pushed the aging PA to its max, I felt it was going to give way any minute in a fit of seizures.

After two songs of near perfect pop, Will Walder turned to me and said “…they’ll be singed soon…” and I wouldn’t bet against somebody keeping an eye on them. I’m surprised its taken this long, but with the band headling into the studio soon, im sure there will be some expert eyes on the results.

The band ended the night in a screen of smoke, some what being my fault for not turning the smoke machine off, it was a fitting end for an error prone night – not that the audience or anyone else seemed to notice.

There is a write up of this show in this months, or the new, copy of The Ocelot – on page 30.

I put my heart and soul into these shows, so I’d like to take this oppertunity to say thanks to all those that attended that night, and please check out Sheer Music on facebook for all our other upcoming Devizes gigs.


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