LostAlone @ Bouremouth BIC 24/02/2010

It’s not by coincidence that LostAlone find themselves once again on tour with the worlds best, and I’ve been to no venue more suited to their sound than Bournemouth’s International Centre (BIC).

We raced down to the venue for the ridiculously early stage time of 7:15, arriving at the venue at 7 and having to queue for our tickets, we thought we would miss their stage intro – luckily we didn’t and we didn’t have that loooooong wait of anticipation usually found when arriving early for a gig, when desperate to be at the front!

We didn’t have the luxury of picking our seats, as they were already specified in the balcony area – a completely unrestricted view, dead centre, in plush velour upholstery. That’s the way to do it!

It was a weird show, prior to the gig, in my head the event was all about LostAlone – but as we spoke to the band all day leading up to it, it became clear we were messing with the 30 Seconds To Mars production company, and I forgot who they were!

Needless to say, due to the scenes from the night before, LostAlone weren’t allowed out into the arena until 30STM had finished playing – a production company stipulation, and probably fair as not to detract from the 30STM set.


We only came for LostAlone, we did stay for the god awful Street Drum Corps who played an almost industrial mashup with a dat brass section and played to a backing track, bar a live guitar, and some drums. Their set highlight was a complete change of direction for a brass heavy song about falling in love and getting married, probably called “Marry Me”. I worried that they were mormons and the whole crowd were now married to the band through some sort of obligatory contract.

30STM came on in a whirlwind, and we left after 6 songs. I only liked the first album in all honestly, and they allegedly butchered “Buddha for Mary” – but we didn’t witness it. They had a fantastic light show, stupidly loud vocals and great stage presence. The songs were obviously well rehearsed and tight – but on a stage that big with a production budget that large, you would rather assume they were using Live ProTools. It’s not like watching a band play live 6 feet from you.

LostAlone were what we came to see, and LostAlone held every second of my attention from start to finish. They have a spoken word into – something about the origins of life and animals and man – I’m sure their fans would know where it was from, but it sounded Darwinian. This gave way to some lush strings (Wembley video on YouTube with said strings) – which I faintly recognised (again I’m sure the hardcore fans from their site would know where it was from) – this gave way to “Sin and Sinners”, a suitably huge sounding intro, and really reminiscent of the first album / EP tracks. This band have a genuine feel to their songs, a sound you could say.

The whole set flew by in typical style, an attraction they have simply converted from a 4 x 6 foot stage to stadium. All the urgency sound and passion all messily jumping from the speakers and amps, Steven litterally jumping with two feet trying to mangle every ounce of sound from his guitar. Set highlight for me personally was “Standing On The Ruins…” a song they never played for Sheer, a song I’m glad they never played in such a small venue, as it suits vast expanses!


I’d like to take this oppertunity to say a personal thank you to the band for their shout out and thanks, not such a weird experience ina tightly packed room like Moles or Devizes but for a 4000 strong BIC to be cheering my efforts for the band – surrial at best. Video at bottom of Music And Warm Bodies – with a tiny bit of shout out…

But boys, it was a pleasure to help you, and give you shows in Swindon, Bristol, Bath and Devizes – and one video shoot – which subsequently got re-recorded!! (original still on our myspace) I’m probably one of few who can say to have had all your bassists play for me (bar the new one…), and I’m so proud to see you up there, doing the thing you love the most, and we always knew you could – you thoroughly deserve it from years of the hard slog.


NB. Pictures used in this blog were from the BIC, and taken by Ceri aka Smudgey

Video by ZigZagCurlz taken from YouTube. (nb. If you listen hard at the end, you get a snippet of the shout out to us!)


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