New Riot @ 12 Bar –

A last-minute change form the Vic to the 12 bar lead to some awesome delight on the 3rd night of straight music mixing for me!

New Riot are a skanking 6 piece from some where in the UK, and this night being their warm up show for the support slots on the [SPUNGE] tour.

As I arrived at the venue, they were already in and setting up – a good sign if you ever needed one. The band consist of a typical set up, 2 guitars, bass and drums, with the addition of a brass section – a Trumpet and Sax. This was probably my first proper mixing of 2 brass instruments in one band, it went smoothly enough – the saxophonist had a nice wireless clip on mic, so he could dance about & I whacked up a 57 for the trumpet – job done.

I do love a bit of Ska, and looking back I can’t ever remember seeing a rubbish, or at least poorly played ska band, that’s either because 3 chord punk is easy to play, or because the musicians always put a lot of passion into ska… Either way New Riot did not let the side down with a hugely fun hour set, blasting out song after song of upbeat, high tempo ska punk tunes, chucking in a sublime cover, and a conga line to finish the night off. Excellent stuff – and I should imagine [SPUNGE] will have to be on top of their game not to be shown up!

Heres the bands you tube album launch video thingy, it’s a lot of fun.


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