Swindonmusic.co.uk needs more users!

A good quality internet forum is hard to come by – I’ve been using Facebook a lot recently, and whilst it has its uses, it really lacks a medium where people can thrash out ideas / start “flame wars”.

Swindon Music, is one said music forum, a little space on the internet where people from the town can talk about music / their scene and all manner of things that affect it. It’s a great place to build buzz for upcoming shows, and to introduce yourself.

Every major town could do with a similar forum, and im sure they probably do, Bath has bathbands.co.uk, etc.

If your in a local band and wanting to get out of the area, or “into” Swindon its a great place to start – I know 123 And In have some shows coming up there, and many more local to Devizes would like to – so go and join and check out what Swindon has to offer – I afterall work The Victoria and 12 Bar & I am always willing to give lifts back and forth if you ever want to go to a gig (I’m working at. List is on my engineers page)

Swindon Music Logo


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