Get Well Soon Ali Long

A big get well soon to Ali Long, who is recovering from Surgery. I’m not entirely sure whats wrong, but he’ll be back to full rock drummer fitness within the next few weeks.

This does mean we have to shift about a few of the battle of the bands gigs, but please note they are still playing, and all other Battle Of The Bands are unaffected.

You can catch up on the info for the battle’s here…

Battle Heat One Facebook page

Battle Heat Two Facebook page

Battle Heat Three Facebook page

Thank’s to Still Deciding, I now have a dedicated picture of Ali! Looking forward to seeing the scars mate!

Thats Better


2 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Ali Long

  1. not that it matters of course, but may i just point out that you only have half of me in that picture? so technically its misleading to call it a ‘full band picture’ lol just thought i’d point it out 🙂 get well soon ali!

    1. haha, yes this is true – sorry, but the website is dead narrow… some times its more effort than its worth to get them to fit AND ali was in the pic, so I didn’t bother! Sorry to you though! Send me a pic and i’ll give you your own glorious space…

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