Postering in Devizes – an uphill struggle?

I’ve had a right hard time promoting this Fridays up coming Kingskin gig.


I printed off a good deal of high quality gloss finish A4 posters which cost me an arm and a leg from The Stationary cupboard, and when I took them round town, I got a whole lot of “no” from every shop going.

At Ducks, Mr Duck put it in his door window, for an assistant to take it straight back down, Brittox News refused on the basis it’s not community focused, my good friend Tom Harris was told at Village Veg his gig wasn’t in town so they wouldn’t support it, and I was refused on the “charity” excuse from them ten minutes later, Jack Spratt has moved into shiny new premises and fair enough they don’t want to fill their new space, until they have a board to put things on and posters in the take-aways don’t last five minutes before they are taken down.

Not Community Focused?! – how much more community focused can I get? its LOCAL bands and LOCAL people, using LOCAL printers and LOCAL facilities. Get a theme here? Yeah im supporting all things LOCAL and important to Devizes.

Now come on shops of Devizes – you’ll be the first to complain about loitering youths and there being “nothing for the kids to do” but when I spend a lot of time and effort promoting Devizes as a great place to come play – I’d appreciate it if when these touring bands come through our town, they could actually see it promoted.

When I first started promoting six years ago, I got up to around 45 places to stick A4 posters, im now down to ten.

So for the record, the places that DO take posters… Devizes Books, 2nd Hand shop, Tourist Information, Lee’s Fish and Chips, Lemon Place F&C, Market Plaice F&C, the board outside Scholars if you can get it in…, public notice board in Sainsburys, Food Glorious Food, Barbers opposite Library, “teen” section in Library, Barbers down Sidmouth St and West Electrical.

You might want to give Gaigers a try too, they have a window.

So this is a stand – Lets get a complete list of places where we can stick posters to promote our Scene people! Please reply to this thread, or email me!



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