Haze aka 3rd Storey Chemist, you may remember from 2009’s battle of the bands – where he ripped up the cavalier in fine fashion with a laptop? – Is performing tomorrow night at The Victoria, in old town, Swindon.

This gig NEEDS your special attention. Why?

Because headliners “The Program initiative” are coming to town to perform live their sci-fi score, which is set to a film they produced, which is projected onto a big screen behind the band while they play.

This has been done before, I’m not kidding myself, but it’s NEVER been done in a 20 miles radius of Devizes, let alone in Swindon. The quality of the film can’t be confirmed, as I haven’t seen it. It’s probably on you tube, but I’m saving myself for the live performance.

This is a truly exciting and unique experience to, well experience and its free. What more could you ask for?

I’m also going to be on BBC Radio Wiltshire this Thursday night around 8pm, to do a wee interview about Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands.

And finally, I’m starting a new regular blog update entitled “etiquette” which is obviously going to be about live music etiquette, covering all manner of questions I’m constantly being asked by the young bands I deal with. Be sure to correct me where appropriate!!

The Program Initiative


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