As most of you will know I don’t really go in for the oneupmanship you see in so many quarters, we simply get on with what we do, and roll with the punches.

So its nice when we get a touring band through the town, who include us on their tour poster and at a mid tour point, come to us from a much larger place – it sets a good bench mark for our efforts and scene.

Rat Attack popped in on a dank dark Tuesday night, a day after a disaster of a gig at Cardiff’s Barfly. They came with stories about dodgy promoters and awful attendance’s. We faced an uphill struggle as we were taking the risk on a Tuesday night.

We managed 52 guests on a Tuesday night, and 74 overall – which compared to Cardiff with local bands on the bill and an attendance of 6 – made us look very good indeed!

I looked after the band, as was told I was the only promoter to actually deliver the contract we agreed with.

What was great about the gig was headliners Kinasis played the following week at Dublin Castle in Camden, where they saw posters for both Rat Attack and Die Chihuahua Die!, the latter who played the with former the night before.

Its things like this that make our scene so rewarding, and that much closer to what is perceived at the national scene.

I’m proud to promote in Devizes, and love our scene and your support! So thank you so much!

Please keep a look out at our upcoming shows, im sure there’s something for everyone – and we only deal with the good guys 😉

Rat Attack at Madia Vale


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