Awful Musical weekend in Devizes.

It went like this…

Thursday night began in awesome fashion, steaming up into Swindon with no traffic problems, probably due to halfterm – an excellent sound check with David 3rd Storey “correct my spelling” Chemist Hazel – who has beefed his performance up since he played for me last. An even better sound check from The Program Initiative, who are a post-rock band with a sci-fi slant – and that’s very good indeed.

I got shown the new library in Swindon, all Bath stone and out-of-place, a Witherspoons that was once an old cinema AND a wicked interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire. (thanks Will and Marie!) So far so perfect.

Then it happened. Thursdays gig was brilliant, but ultimately quiet. The post rock sci-fi video band were truely amazing but the free entry wasn’t enough to get bums off seats and into the gig. Shame.

Friday was just an epic fail of dramatic proportions – headline band Kingskin decided due to bass player injury’s to pull out of the gig with 3 full hours notice – unfortunatly with the venue, we couldn’t just cancel the gig, as peoples wages and lives depend on it – we had to run the show with 2 bands, and a grand total of 6, yes SIX paying guests. Chalk it down to experience and take it on the chin.

A wee shout does go out to the dozen or so people who came for Alex’s DJ set, unfortunaly we had the plug pulled. Maybe turn up earlier next time? Gutted.

Saturday I set up my gear ready for sundayss big gig, and BLAM! I blow two speakers with a dodgy amp, and the sub outputs from the crossover don’t appear to work. Great.

And Finally SUNDAY… Devizes Festival Battle Of The bands Heat One. Said PA blew up, so I literally had to cobble together a PA of sorts. 2 of the bands didn’t turn up – Against Oblivion and Still Deciding. And due to the lovely weather the audience sat in the beer garden and only watched their mates.

Again more shouts do go out to Abe Juggins for being such a great chap, Ashley Clark for proving and doing the lights and Sabotaged, who played their last gig.


Finally this weekend is over.


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