New Venue for Cover bands in Wiltshire…

I always think of Salisbury as Wiltshire’s forgotten town (Err City – Ed!) this is despite Will Walder and Marie Lennon’s heroics on BBC Radio Wiltshire. This is probably due to the fact when I was at college there, the whole city seemed to want to belong to Hampshire and the south coast scene…

Anyway, even more forgotten in Wiltshire is Westbury – probably because it’s a commuter / ghost town with little going on, and tucked away, way out west and has more links in my conscience with Warminster, Trowbridge and that whole Bath direction… (Kieran, pick up a map mate)

Anyway, I live on the border to their news coverage, and get a free paper entitled “White Horse News” – in it is a rather big advert for a “New Live Music Venue” in Wiltshire – this required closer inspection!

White Horse County Club, is said venue and would seem to be based in a working mans club next to a factory (I went to a fancy dress wedding anniversary there once, and has a large snooker room and a very good main hall) – it play’s host to cover bands and would appear to be booked up until December!! – I can’t vouch for their bookings, but they certainly have bookings until December.

Anyway, the moral of the story? In a covers band? Contact them for some shows… They also have a Facebook, which should make things easier!

Sorry – but I couldn’t find a picture to use… Scant.


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