TTNG’s @ Vic, w/ Pictor Productions

Oooh I have been waiting so long for this, so I could finally write about it. I was dead excited!

Way back in February (the 25th to be precise) Sheer Music had the pleasure and the massive chance to play host to This Town Needs Guns. TTNG’s come from Oxford, a stones throw down the road and are famous for their intricate approach to guitar playing and as well as being hot property right now, they are about to head off stateside for a new tour – so we were rightly chuffed when they agreed to play for us!

Well equal to my love of TTNG’s is my love for Sailors, who had the formidable task of opening for TTNG’s that night. Suitably impressed TTNG’s invited Sailors frontman Alex Share up for a wee sing, and you can check the video out below!

Just check his guitar playing and finger work!! So a huge shout is in order for Pictor Productions, a Swindon based video and film specialist, for their work on getting such good footage of the band and their style. There are lots of videos of bands on YouTube, but rarely do you get live footage this good.

So well done to those chaps, you did your self proud, and did me proud by being able to capture such an amazing point in time on film!! And well done Alex for not forgetting the words, or being too nervous!

I would also like to note that in my opinion it was my best ever mix of a gig. Clear crisp vocals and guitar, lovely balanced drums and just perfect bass. We have the audio too apparently, so I will get a chance at some point to hear it I’ll let you know!!


2 thoughts on “TTNG’s @ Vic, w/ Pictor Productions

  1. I love how he said Alex is going to sing the chorus and then Alex just ends up singing the whole song.

    1. Brilliant! I know – I thought that too, though I missed it at the time, only noticed it on the playback!

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