Deliverence: Bringeth The Metal.

Deliverance bring The Metal to Devizes next Friday the 30th of April. The Bell By The Green plays host to one of Swindons finest up and coming bands, In The Absence Of Light, and the main billed support for the night is organisers, Deliverance. Please note this gig was originally billed to take place at The Royal Oak, but will not be happening there.

The gig is opened by White Knuckle Bride also form Devizes – this is sure to be one packed gig AND if that was not enough the following Friday the 7th, we have more Swindon and Devizes double ups, with Quarterblind and Ventflow down the Corn Exchange.

This Fridays show starts at 9.30, and would appear to be free entry… but don’t quote me on that…

Metal enough for you?


And for good measure, I’ve thrown in a video of The Metal by Tenacious D, excellent stuff.


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