Comedy Club – A roaring sucess!

Not strictly music – not remotely music – but an event that needs your attention! Check out the pictures on the comedy clubs facebook page too, for decent crowd shots.

Thursday night just gone, the 29th, saw the first “Moonrakers Comedy Club” held at The Bell By The Green, to a fantastic response.

Despite a late change to the line up, with Neil MacFarlane replacing Paul Ricketts, the event went down a storm with the Devizes faithful, probably in search of something new.

The event was organised by Martin Brown, a Devizes resident and comedian in his own right, currently doing well on the circuit. Martin decided to put on his own night, probably in the same way I decided to put on my first gig. He bought a bevy of other circuit talent, people who will go on to enjoy some success, no doubt.

The night ran a little something like this…

Closing act – GEOFF WHITING

Opening act – Neil MacFarlane

Middle acts – MARTIN BROWN

Other middle act – ALEX MARION

Compere – NEIL COLE

Fun was had by all, and for a first event it will be hard to top, seeing as it was a sell out. Another gig has already been announced – you can fine the facebook page here, and it even has an open mic spot, for anyone who fancies their chances?

Heres a picture of the man himself, in action thursday night.

Martin Brown Comedian


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