So, what a time I have had recently!

The Gazette and Herald broke their year(s) duck to write about us, with a helpful shove from Devizes Festival and printed a nice article about the battle of the bands! This was followed up with an article about White Knuckle Bride – which I had nothing to do with.

We had a great attendance at Heat 3 of Battle of the Bands, only to be followed up with a “where’s all the kids gone” attendance at Quarterblind last night. That gig still rocked, and the attendance was ok, but we would have preferred more!

On said subject – Quarterblind came back to home soil with new singer Nathan Hamley, and suitably impressed. Nathans singing approach suiting their more hardcore and developed approach now, over their previous sledge-hammer style. I liked very much.

Personal highlight was aforementioned, White Knuckle Bride – who are getting seriously better with each passing performance. Getting dirtier than a cheap hooker, the band have started planning their headline show for Sheer in the Autumn, which is mooted to feature light up letters of their name, poles (for dancers!) leopard print and STRIPPERS! (Note, this show will be 18+ and you will be required to supply ID at the door.)


What’s going down over the next few weeks? More battle of the bands, May 16th looking particularly amazing. That new comedy club has another show, Le Chat Noir (my first duo *I think*) headline the battle of the bands final… and JULY.

July is so damned exciting it has its own upcoming dedicated post.

On a local-bands-recording front, Sailors are finishing off their ep, which is due shortly. 123 And In must be within hours of receiving their fully mastered EP, White Knuckle Bride told me they weren’t far from finishing AND I Am Bodhi are just frothing at the mouth to get theirs out too – I would love to release a split ep by those 4…

Last night I also let slip my ambition for Devizes, which might see its fruition by the end of the year with a little help from my friends, and I got some wonderful feedback about my gig ettequette post, featured on this website just a few weeks back – so all in all, everything is going well in Devizes.

Thanks everyone for your support – keep the scene alive, and vote with your feet!

Over and out, Kieran.


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