An Intimate afternoon, with the Devizes scene…

Thanks one and all who came this afternoon – twas’ an excellent shin dig. One gentleman in the audience complimented the quality of the music and the “generosity” on the people involved, which can’t be a bad thing.

Thanks to all that played, being impartial I don’t have a favourite, but I was again left staggered by Jo Stroud, impressed with my first witness of Austin “not Charlie” Shepherd and tickled pink by Briony Devine. Chris Worthy turned up late on to remind me once again how good a singer he is – it’s not that im surprised, it’s just I clearly need reminding, and he was fantastic!

The show was stole by Jess Branson, who clearly had the crowds support and rode a wave to victory, well done lass, we will be seeing you in due course!

In other news Wild Rumours are circulating about the appearance of both Sailors and 123 And In at this years Wychwood Festival. Well there’s truth in the rumour, but we will have to wait to hear the proper final details – fingers crossed announced on this here website shortly.

A big up to all the local bands who came to support the live music, and check out the scene, so thanks 123 And In, Quarterblind, White Knuckle Bride, and a special mention to Ash Clarke of City May Cave, who supplied the lights and worked like a horse! Legend!

Two more heats to come, next Sundays BUMPER local line up, which is sure to be packed, and then the final heat, feat all non-devizes bands. ummmmm.


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