New Music

Finally after a loooong wait, Browforts overdue tracks are now up on their myspace. If 80’s style post punk floats your boat, then this is worth checking out and as an added bonus, they don’t have a drummer but play live with a drum machine. Which is pretty cool. You can check them out here.

Another local band with new tracks are Year Of The Thief, who recently recorded in Swindon at – oh I forget the name, but i’ll find it out. The two tracks in question are “The Brave Faced Kid” and “Unanswered Questions”. You can find them, on their myspace too – go add!

Also hot off the press is Mitch Underwood, lead axe of Magic Animal, who has been laying down some demo’s – his track “Burn” is up now for streaming – from here. It’s vocal-less at the moment, but displays a more technical, stadium sized, dirty, 80’s hair metal vide to it. And a solo, you can’t beat a good solo.

Topping it off Lavingtons “The Score” also have a new demo up, found on their myspace. It’s called So Make Sure, so make sure you check. it. out. I really rate it.

Mitch Underwood, choppin' some wood.

As it goes Mitch Underwood is looking for band members to form a hard rock band, in the vein of Motley Crue, I would guess at, anyone interested should contact him through his myspace.


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