Devizes Festival announce 2010 lineup.

Devizes Festival have finally announced its line up for 2010.

I’ve had my brochure for what feels like an age, and had to keep it all a secret – but their website is now live, so I assume it’s safe to talk about it.

As is tradition with the 3 week festival, it is opened by a high-profile comedian – past events have included Sue Perkins, Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy, Andy Hamilton and Mitch Benn – this year the festival has caught a whopper of a talent in Rich Hall – famous for his appearance on all manner of tv shows, including QI. – Facebook page for the event here

Along with the usual musical and comical spark the festival plays host to some of Radio 4’s best programmes, with a live performance of “Any Questions?”, some Theatre performances from Rohan McCullough in “My Darling”, Chris Worthy’s directed “The Pillow Man” and events im involved in including Inspiral Carpets from man Tom Hingleys solo performance and The Battle Of The Bands Final.

We have managed this year to get some of the local talent onto the bills and supporting the national acts, thus in turn supporting our own scene – Claire Kearley will be opening for Tom Hingley, and I am working on others… so keep your eyes peeled.

You must pick up your brochure from one of many places in town as soon as possible and check out the events, it’s got something for everyone, and is worth supporting!

Heres a pic of Rich Hall I lifted from, the Mirror’s website apparently – according to Google’s image return… Recognise him now? Yeah, there it goes…

Rich Hall


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