This Sunday!

This Sunday host’s the penultimate battle of the bands heats, and it’s going to be a corker for the following reasons.

1. It’s a bevy of local talent. The rivalry that is brewing between The Rendezvous Point and everyone else, is quite amazing.

2. Another band pulled out (Charlie Don’t Surf), and after all the chopping and changing you could forgive me for being very upset, instead Against Oblivion have found it in their hearts to sort it all out, and let the rock prevail – wise move boys.

3. City May Cave have a crazy spectacle to witness, backdrops, floor lights, strobe boxes – all sorts. Not one to miss.

4. Year Of The Thief make their Sheer bow, in fact so do TRP, and SI4T, so I think this needs mentioning. LOADS of fresh local talent!

5. Kate Byard – will be presenting her spoken word poetry, whilst we count up the gazillions of votes – though not an act in a conventional sence, she will be worth experiencing. Can I say that? Yeah? Ok then – let’s all experience Katie.

6. It’s guaranteed to be busy, 123 And In will be in the house, and a real party atmosphere will be swinging. I simply can’t wait.


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