PLAY the Village Pump festival (Trowbridge)

Thats right! The friendly folk at the Village Pump festival have opened up some stage time for some local talent, and a wee little compertition to go with it. Even if you don’t win, you get to play a show in a new venue / town, meet some new people and revel in your own reflected glory of supporting your local scene. Every ones a winner!

And if you get through, you get to play an absolute beauty of a festival, experience that “playing a festival” experience,and its on your doorstep!. I expect every local band to enter – what else are you doing this summer? Come on, live a little…

“How do you enter?” you say, as you rush with your mouse to click send send send… well all you need to do is fill in the entry form here. There is a g ood chance that a fair few of “our” Devizes bands could play this year – so get some nuts’ and some motivation and send off your details, tell em’ I sent you too. It won’t gain you anything, but I look like im supporting the scene too then!!

Heres a nice pic of a hippy girl, banging a bongo, that google threw up when I typed in Village Pump Festival Trowbridge. Elephants optional.

Village Pump gurrl


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