Gig etiquette #2 : Pubs

Locally I dearly hope im known for trying my best to create gigs and enviroments for all ages, the past 5 years of battle of the bands has been aimed at all ages, my attept at saving teenagers with nothing to do (I was one of those) and giving them a worth while focus.

I also aim to do shows for adults too, at the Corn Exchange. Adults know how to behave, having been attending gigs for years, and having previously got in trouble when they were young, these people never cause me or the venues any problems… Teenagers how ever…

I have been moaned at on many occasion, and always done my best to keep venues and landlords happy, more often than not taking the flack – but once again last Sunday, after an awsome gig at The Cavalier, I have been asked to remind people of “the rules” when it comes to pubs…

Pubs themselves don’t charge for the use of their halls, most are just happy some one is putting in the effort to draw people to their venue, and as such it is my responcibility to make sure those people who are coming are buying drinks / snacks from the venue and NOT the local stores. Simply put, if the venue dosn’t make a profit there is no venue. No venue = no gigs.

The venue in question did do well through their bar sales, and we as venue and promoter would rather have a busy night with problems, than a quiet night with no problems – even so I felt I ought to politley remind people, like supporting your local scene, please support your local pub too. That dosn’t mean go on drinking binges underage (not that im suggesting you shouldn’t do this, its all a rights of passage) but when your in the venue, buy a coke or what ever, and keep them on your side.

The Cavalier has done an awful lot to support the local bands, Throwing Paper Aeroplanes, White Knuckle Bride and City May Cave all have practised there in the past, as well as play many a memorable gig – please let that continue and look after the pub too. Thanks for reading.


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