Sheer Immortilised in Verse…

Once local lass, now of Oxford University Kate Byard has immortilised Sheer Music in her spoken word delivery “Sheer Music Screwed Me Over” – which I hasten to add is not about me actually screwing her over, but more a title to the treatment of women by men.

With specific experiences in mind, relating to gigs Sheer put on one summer, Kate has managed to fine an outlet for her creativeness, in a medium that truely never even entered my mind. If this is where inspiration can take you, and Sheer had any small part to play in that, then I am immencely proud.

Kate has a presence on Youtube with the Viral Verse people, and in her own words describes herself as “Not that great a poet, just very angry”. When I read through her facebook info, I was taken aback by her honesty, she has a remarkable way of finding the right words for her feelings, a rare ability. Even I, right now can’t recall the almost perfect wording I had to describe her, that when I thought of it was killer, now it just dosn’t do justice.

So here’s her youtube video, enjoy. We look forward to seeing the “Sheer…” one soon.


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