Battle Of The Bands… A summery

After 6 weeks, and 4 gigs, 2010’s Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands has come to a close. So now is the time to ponder on the events, and what was achieved.

Out of 6 booked gigs, only 4 of them went ahead, which is two thirds. That tells a story itself. I admit the timing isn’t great from the festivals perspective – slamp bang in the middle of exams, but then I can hardly move the festival back.

That said – if your in a band, and you ask to play and then agree to play, you really ought to keep to that end of the bargain. I tried desperatly to encourage people to treat the gigs as a restbite to the work, studying and exams, alas to no avail.

So what of the gigs that did go ahead? The first was a bit slow, warm weather hampered proceedings, but the gigs picked up. The third, fourth and fifth shows were superb, busy gigs with great atmospheres – I managed to make some money on these shows, and claw back the money spent on gigs that didn’t happen – but overall I only just managed to break even. So in that respect, not great.

But the acts that played, did make some new contacts, I notice that Save It For Tonight got added to the bill in Pewsey on June 19th – which is great news, the scene is coming together. I like to think in some part because of the efforts put in by everyone involved with the battle gigs.

When the gigs go right, it is the best feeling in the world, and we have one last gig on June 18th at The Corn Exchange – if we can hit decent numbers im going to throw a FREE ENTRY show in Mid July – to say thanks to all that supported me and the festival.

Cheers everyone, it means a lot.

Save It For Tonight


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