123 And In record a video!

Home town heroes One Two Three And In are set to record their début video with uber cool underground film and media moguls Sitcom Soldiers, who will be doing a video for the song “Don’t Wanna Know”.

I’ve seen the itinerary for the shoot, and I can confirm that when Sitcom Soldiers deliver the results, we have on our hands a video to match “All The Small Things” for its take on celebrity culture, I can’t wait to see the results!

Sitcom Soldiers are from ooop North, and have in the past worked on videos by Attack! Attack!, Deaf Havana, Fightstar, Young Guns, We Are The Ocean and personal favourites Ghost Of A Thousand.

This is exciting times for the band, who must have had by now the mastered version of their new E.P back, which will be ready to drop in the summer and along with this video will put the cat among the pigeons with their musical peers!

Here is the Sitcom Soldiers show reel from 2009 – gives a nice little overview of them!


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