Swindon Shuffle announce 2010 lineup!

The UK’s premier unsigned musical festival, Swindon’s very own “Shuffle” (The Swindon Shuffle) has announced it’s 2010 line up – and it’s a corker!

This years list of acts includes LOADS of bands that have played in Devizes in the past 12 months (Oxygen Thief, Sailors, Kinasis, Jo Stround, Austin Shepherd, The Colorado, Diversion and 3rd Storey Chemist) but also features TWO of our very own in the shape of Sailors and Kinasis.

I am super excited about this, as potentially I will be engineering some of the gigs, and will be lovely to do some shows with our lot in Swindon!

The Shuffle operates in the same way as Brighton’s “Great Escape” festival, Camden’s “Crawl” and the Oxjam “Takedown’s” – so if your not familiar, I’ll briefly outline… Over a period of nights, said town / area hands over their venues to promoters who run linked events over all the venues in one night. Make sense?

This year gigs will be held at The Beehive and Victoria in Old Town, and the 12 Bar in Westcott Place (not far from train station).

Hope over to their website and check out the best forum in Swindon – swindonmusic.co.uk – to catch up on the latest gossip and gig info, and big up our bands!

Shuffle Poster


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