Girls Only! (Girly Acoustic night)

The Village Pump (at The Lamb, Trowbridge) have a strict Girls Only night coming up on June 28th.

This event caught my eye when sitting in traffic after shopping at Tesco on Thursday, as it stated “Girls only open mic” – I have deduced that that means um, girls only performers with a mixed crowd? (After reading said link, yes this is the case!)

These sorts of empowering, women together meetings, that aren’t the WI scare me. What could they be plotting? If they joined forces what could we do to stop them?

Nevertheless I like the idea of a girls only acoustic / singer song writer night, this night in question probably giving rise to Elliott Sykes comment on BBC Radio Wiltshire Introducing last Thursday?

So if your a woman, and play a little (Jess Branson, Briony Devine and Jo Stroud I’m looking at you!) then give this a little gander, it’s a cracking venue and run by some great people!

Village Pump Logo


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