Deaf Awareness Week

After all the hubbub has died down from Festival season, it may be time to think about your hearing!

Deaf Council the UK’s leading adviser on how we should treat our ears, have come up with a whole week of awareness aimed at promoting the dangers of VERY LOUD SOUNDS!!

I will be providing ear plugs for all future gigs, provided I receive them by Friday!

Sound engineers and regular club / gig goers risk serious hearing loss from continued exposure to loud sounds, especially live drummers – as their natural defences are not quick enough for the sounds. So do take it seriously, as I worked with a wonderful engineer over the weekend who had lost all his top end – dog whistle sounds – and though it didn’t impede his skill it’s the beginning of further damage.

New Zealand - Deaf

DDB New Zealand for the National Foundation for the Deaf Awareness Week. The poster is a “testing station” to see if your volume level is too loud, since most people don’t know what volume level is safe. You simply insert your headphone into the poster and the lights will go red if you’re listening too it too loud.


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