Last Corn Exchange Gig

Well the time has come – we have had a good run, but the summer was against us, and the town council have shown us how hard it is to work with them, so this will be our final show at the Exchange for a while.

Due to noise restrictions, doors and bands are later, and one band has pulled out – Condemn The Vigilant .

We do how ever have some surprises in store, The Rendezvous Point unveil a few new changes and City May Cave unveil a new song of sorts as well as say goodbye to their front man Chris Botham.

9pm Doors
9.30 – 10 – The Rendezvous Point
10.15 – 10.45 – The Cold Harbour
11 – 11.45 – City May Cave.

Advance tickets can be bought from wegottickets, for the paltry price of £4. Morrison Cooper has promised to DJ after too, so he will be responsible for requests.

Lets make this the best show we have done at the Exchange, and lets give City May Cave the send off their deserve – you can leave feedback on the facebook page.

Thanks for your support – we will be seeing you all at a new venue again soon!



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