Distophia – finally Beat Dyslexia!!

Do you know the story of Birmingham’s wonderful Distophia? Who were signed up to Necessary Records? Their debut EP Soda Lake got a 5 K rating in Kerrang! and caused quite a stir?

No? Well bloody Hard-Fi ruined it all. Coming along with their quasi Ibiza-Indie dance shtick, and the label poured their money into them instead.

Well it’s over now, and there’s no use crying over spilt milk. When Distophia’s debut album “Beat Dyslexia” proper was due for release back in 2006, they were meant to herald in the golden age of UK Indie and give the Americans something in return for Pavement. Said album never saw the light of day, it being leaked as a rapidshare download once the release date had passed and there was no sign of a physical record.

Distophia called it a day and changed their name to Calories, a band you fair people of Devizes will already be familiar with after they played the Battle of The Bands final back in 2009, when they hand picked Sailors as the winners.

* Interesting side note, both Calories and Distophia were named in Birmingham’s top 10 best ever bands back in 2008 by a board of local press and promoter types. See good band, I told you!

Anyway Necessary Records did give the album a physical release, and who can say when, as it slipped under the radar, but here it is in all it’s glory – http://www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/435.htm. I couldn’t believe it at first, as I tentatively typed in my card details, and waited to be defrauded any minute by some sort of obscure-music-online-scam, but whoa – in the post a few days later did come a beautiful gate-fold card sleeve, albeit not a lovingly packaged as it would of been…

So if like me, you too need to own physical copies of music, then this is for you – it’s the real deal, if some what scant on the actual product, the music makes up for it – how this record never came to sell millions we can only look back on with a wry smile.

Distophia - Beat Dyslexia

The band are probably wondering why their band still generates column inches and probably always will as one of the best should-have-beens – it’s because they were friggin’ excellent.

By the way – if you choose to download the zip file – which I did not upload, so can’t take down – you’ll need to rename it .zip – at the end, so it works. I found this out after downloading myself. Twice.


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