Free downloads worth, well, downloading I spose’

I love it when I come across good music for free, so I’m sharing these three with you.

First up – The Joe Public, perennial favourites of mine, and have come out-to-play a lot in the past year, this is their track “Heightened”

And then you got recent new boys, who tore Devizes apart last week, The Cold Harbour who are clearing out the dead wood, and giving away their old tunes… chack that out on their myspace.

Next up, Tough Love Records – a fantastic label, who have just released the Calories second album, release their sampler – which is right up there in the independent label stakes! chack out their bandcamp over……………> There (which is particularly worth it just for the Calories rehashing of their album track “Altitude Sickness”)

Final download is Alex Sears – when he’s not being the pretty face of Ready Set Low, he does a bit of solo stuff… you can download from his bandcamp – here. Got a bit of a Dylan homage going on too.

And to round things off today, here’s some local teenager losing it a bit to City May Cave at the last gig, enjoy x.

Calvin Arnold


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