New wave of Technical Indie Math Pop

OK this is *probably* my favourite genre of music, so I’m listing the next wave of bands that I think deserve to be the most talked about bands…

Tangled Hair – Ex-Colour (Enough for most people to be interested!) don’t have a myspace, or any information regarding their band, they do instead have a band camp and a free EP – Enjoy!

Little Leagues – Southwest based, Falmouth / Barnstaple area, DUO!! The song “Sunlight” on their Myspace is amazing. Oh, they also have a Band Camp.

Pharaohs – These have an mini album due imminently, chack out their myspace and Music Glue for free tracks

Sailors – Need little introduction locally, EP expected soonish (by Christmas?) Come on boys, sort it out!!


5 thoughts on “New wave of Technical Indie Math Pop

  1. I just wanna thank you for this list. I forgot how I got to this link but I was searching for something bands similar to “toe” then found Six Gallery then this goldmine of a blogpost. Now I’m also listening to Colour! And I owe you that. Thank you!

    1. Hi Clarence, this is just smashing news, thanks! It makes it worth while when you get good feedback from genuine people!

      I’m releasing Sailors EP at the end of March, be sure to check it out!

      1. I’m digging the new Sailors EP! This guys needs to be heard internationally! And the name your price scheme is really nice. 🙂 I’ll share this to my friends too! Thanks for bringing this awesome music!

  2. You probably know by now, but I saw an incredible concert by “Fuck Art Let’s Dance” in Madrid. Amazing!
    More bands of the like I am listening to at the moment (some of them not exactly new):

    Fuck Art Let’s Dance
    I heart Sharks
    Captain Capa
    Coltrane Motion


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