Oxjam – Busk-a-thon – ie. in the street!

As part of Oxjam 2011, I have organised a street performance permit thingy-me-jig, which entitles me to shake a bucket and beg for money, only more articulately put…

To make us look less shifty, Oxjam and I are encouraging any one with the ability to play guitar to get up and sing a song or two, or three. Entirely for charity, this is a rare chance to perform in the street, and generally have some fun.

The busking spot is between the Royal mail front entrance and the Job Centre, in Maryport Street, Devizes. We are allowed to busk from 10am to 4pm, so have 6 hours to fill with all and sundry!

So if you fancy popping along, please do – alternatively you can “post to profile” our Busk-a-thon Facebook Page (no event is complete without one!)

This event really is open to anyone and everyone, irrespective of age, gender and ability. There may even be few familiar faces turn up!



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