Local bands go Magazine crazy!

No this isn’t an obscure reference to late 70’s New Wave heroes Magazine, but in fact a pleasant surprise, as when I opened this month’s edition of Rock Sound (Oct 2010 140) I found an advert for Quarterblind’s second album “The Root of Affliction”, out now on Brutal Elite Records.

It nice to see because this week I received the Johnny Foreigner mail out BEGGING their fans to donate money via paypal to keep them on the road in America, where their UK publisher didn’t deliver where they promised. So well done Brutal Elite for actually delivering an advert for a record you believe in.

In fact it’s so damned believe in, the track “For Freedom / For Treason” in on the cover mount CD of Terrorizer – Nice work lads – does that make you Devizes biggest export’s right now? Make Out Kids had better up their game!!

If that wasn’t enough, The ‘blind want you to request their song to be played on Kerrang! Radio, it’s as easy as writing on their facebook page – the song in question is “When The Dead Walk The Streets”, Steve Nolan, Mitch Underwood and I have already done it from reading the page – how many request’s does it take?!

In other magazine news, The Ocelot’s Tom Davenport gave warm reviews to both City May Cave’s Human and I Am Bodhi’s Moustache, which they spelt wrong as Mustache – or is that my American language pack I got installed in Firefox?
Good work lads just keep delivering the songs and shows!!

Any who, it’s taken many years constant effort from the likes of Quarterblind (over a decade!!) and me to get our bands out there, and it’s simply amazing to see the acknowledgement they all deserve. It’s there if you want, you just got to want it real bad. And work even harder!

For now, just check out Browfort’s video “Last Train From Devizes” live at The Lamb from last week… It’s good fun…


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