Metronomy – Sheer’s first video upload!

I recently took the wife out for a dirty weekend in London, I say dirty as a suggestion that “relations” went on, but in all reality the city is just filthy, and not you dtty dtty grrl type filthy, just plain squalor.

Anyway, we paid an enormous amount to “self service” our book in and key to our Travel lodge room, leaving me wondering why we paid so much in the first place, since there was no service – and no breakfast included. Shame on you travel lodge. But, if you ever wanted to share a room with your mates, it’s easy to sneak as many in as possible in the early hours of the morning!

Anyway, we went to The Barbican centre, in central London, signal light failure on the tube – no surprise there. Paid the £8 for a single, got forced off at next stop, ranted and raved at next station and was let through. Neat. Got off and had to navigate on foot – followed a fit boy and girl, who seemed to know where they were heading.

The venue is self is lovely, had some lovely arty things going on, very similar to what you would see in Devizes on the August bank holiday weekend. Neat. A double archers and lemonade and a Bulmers cost £12.50, not so neat. Gallops played in the main hall, and were stunning – and to think it was free entry, I was surprised it wasn’t busier, but hay ho – when you got that many distractions in a city like that, then the audience was in fact very good! 200+ in the bar area, if not more & those were the one’s who didn’t pay to see Metronomy.

Metronomy – SLACK stewards and ticketing left me wondering why I had spent £40 on two tickets, but when we took our seats – centre stage, 2nd row, I forgave – probably the best view I’ve ever had of a show this size. Epic. SBTRCT the opening DJ who improvised to an animated video of various things riding bikes like, Octopuses, Blobs, Witches, Elephants and a hot air balloon (!!) etc. There was also a bikes eye view of really fast cycling in between traffic, which ended in the poor sole rubbing his face across the pavement, in to an aching hiss from the crowd.

But finally, Metronomy took to the stage – opening in unusual fashion with a never heard before untitled new song which seemed loose and possibly nervously performed, sounding disjointed. The set otherwise, even with 2 or 3 more new songs was an aural treat. Culminating in a stirring rendition of Radio Ladio, which has the crowd on it’s feet (even the mum who had bought her kids to the show, who read a book throughout) and sang along triumphant glory. See Zoe’s video below!


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