20/11/2010 – Metal-thon Review!

Twas November the 20th and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, that was of course until metal bands Blood Legacy, The Ashirra, Deliverance, Inimisus, City May Cave, Rigor Mortal, Quarterblind and I Defy all piled through the door, after much waiting around all bands did turn up and it was all hands on from there. With a smooth load in it was smiles all round! Doors opened at 5:30 and with that the place was inhabited with many brilliant locals who came to support their local music scene. The night was opened by band Blood Legacy who got the crowd ready and rearing for what the night ahead had install for them.

All bands preformed extremely well and with new front man Adam Byard, City May Cave played a brilliant set and also revealed their month old baby “prayers” for the first time which was a huge hit with the crowd!

Deliverance as always stormed through their set getting everyone in the moshing mood with their brilliant thrash metal, it was head banging all round for their fans who clearly adore them.

I was lucky enough to get talking to most of the bands and all proved to not only be extremely talented musicians but brilliant lads, and lady (Liz City May Cave). One band that really stood out to me was The Ashirra, a bunch of lovely lads that travelled from Yeovil, a hardcore band who consisted of rather confident funny lads who also played a brilliant set.

Abe Juggins did an extremely brilliant job in getting this show on the road and I would like to thank him and all the lads that made this gig possible! Was a truly brilliant night and one that won’t be forgotten for a long time! A huge pat on the back to all bands that played!

Lauren Todd


Photo’s by Danowar Healy





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