Xmas party gig!

Yes, it’s finally here – the gig of the Xmas period!

This Saturday – 11th December, I host another massive bill choc full of talent, in the incredible venue that The Lamb has turned out to be!

In the front bar we have, all acoustic ;

9 – 9.30 – Alex Sears (Ready Set Low)
9.30 – 10 – Gaz Brookfield
10 – 10.45 – Ben Marwood
10.45 – 11.30 – Make Out Kids – Acoustic covers set.

and upstairs all electric;

9 – 9.30 – Ali Finneran (Anaheim, solo acoustic)
9.30 – 10 – Year Of The Thief
10 – 10.30 – Mustard And The Monocle
10.30 – 11 – SAILORS
11. – fin. Kate Byard – spoken word presentation. Not for the easily offended or faint hearted.

I will be raising money for Shelter, as it’s a fantastically worthy cause over the winter, and this is a great opportunity to all do our bit, so please donate £2, it’s greatly appreciated.

It’s my last show of the year, after this gig I will have my big fat review of the year, which will be a fun read. And then finally I’ll be releasing all the information regarding the gigs I have lined up in the first quarter of 2011 (loads of surprises and great line ups)

Take it steady people, see you Saturday.



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