Sharing The Gratitude…

Thus reads a letter I received from our very own Ben Gage, now of Bristol. Ben is an independent graphic designer, and you can check out his website at He has some frankly brilliant Christmas cards for sale, so chack them out! He’s also available for any design work too ;-).

I am super impressed and happy for Ben, for someone who was involved with what we do as a scene and went on to follow his dream, and is achieving nicely! Read his “bit about me” it’s very impressive whom he has worked for recently.

Ben designed the Reckon and Magic Animal logos too, so you’ve seen his work recently too!

Anyway, here’s the letter!

Dear Sheer Music,

As a fellow Devizes boy I thought I’d drop you a quick message.

During the mid 00’s I produced artwork for a number of local bands (anyone remember Ruckus, Fever, Unclean…?) and flyers for Sheer Music events. I now live in Bristol, doodling for various people, I have recently worked on a poster campaign for Oxfam and animations on the BBC Big Screen for the Bristol Festival of Nature 2010 and generally freelancing via my website.

I really respect what Kieran has done and continues to do with Sheer Music – he’s an inspiration to anyone with the ambition to start something from the limited resources around you. I found my artistic direction and confidence from those early commissions and in part owe Sheer Music for giving me a chance and starting me on the twisted creative path I am on today.

Proper home grown talent should always have an outlet beyond it’s post code and Sheer continues to make this happen.

Well done

Best regards,
Ben Gage

Ben's Xmas pack


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