My Big Fat Review of the year. 2010 in Music and Pictures!

2010 didn’t start well for me, remember the excessive snow? Worst we had in 20 years and all that jazz? Well it turned out that those side steps to the Corn Exchange froze over deeming it a health and safety risk. The council cancelled our gig, and we promptly move to The Bell By The Green – the highlight of that night, included Dakota Skylines début show and… those trousers, from Electric Trash.


Band Heroics Of The Year – Often bands have to over come a lot, just to actually do a show, it’s not an easy business. So a BIG BIG mention to MexicoFallz, who’s van broke down in Oxford on the day of their show with Make Out Kids wayyyy back in February. The end result was the band turning up, literally as they were due to go on, without a sound check or even getting to introduce them selves to me, plugging in and then playing a tight and angry 30 minute set. I’ve never been so impressed.

For all the Lovers – 2010 (for me) was a year of Facebook love affairs! All these cute boys and girls declaring undying love for one another, here is my round up of the 4 best….

Relative new comers – #4 Dan Gray and Nicole Somers – Dan from the now defunct The Score and his lovely lady never miss a day without some sort of Love you comment! So sweet my teeth have fallen out. They then split up 😦

#3 Vicky Scipio and Lewis Batch – I adore Vicky, she’s a hard working lass and very positive – even more positive about her new boyfriend and his “snuggletoffecartoelnfairymunchkin”. This can only be a euphemism.

#2 Matt Seabourne and Charlotte Camp – I assume Matt loves Charlotte despite her nose falling off, she doesn’t seem to of replaced it, maybe it was because between them they were filling up our news feeds with how much they loved each other? Awww ain’t it sweet?

Spectacular status updates and relationship of the year goes to……

#1 Matt Volpi and Lauren Todd – Didn’t these two go on?! I think we got every intimate moment about their relationship status update by status update and who would of predicted the spectacular blow out? OK so the end was awful, but the during was a lot of fun!

Local band records-very-expensive-video-of-the-year-award – Goes to….. MOK, seriously though, they’ve had a cracking year and fully deserve the credit that’s being put to them. Maybe 2011 will be their breaking year, either way we love and support them, so sit back watch the video(s) and wonder if a label is going to pick them up?

Gig Of The Year (I should probably do a poll…) Was for me personally, Le Chat Noir. A super loud 2 piece, consisting of guitars and Very Loud Drums! In June, Le Chat Noir destroyed The Corn Exchange without being super heavy or a metal band. And the sweaty sticky mess of a drummer at the end of their set was testament to their superiority over every one, live this year.


Quarterblind get first cover mount – Yes, the ‘blind beat everyone to the punch, and registered their first national magazine covermount CD with their track “For Reason For Treason” in 2010, gracing the pages of Terrorizer at the same time. It bought a wee tear to my eye.


Breakups and Breakdowns – 2010 wasn’t all good, we waved goodbye to I Am Bodhi (Who saw that coming?!!!) Magic Animal, The Score, The Rendezvous Point, Save It For Tonight and Chris Botham left the much loved City May Cave to name a few. Which was sad sad news, as each was well loved! But Phoenix do rise from ashes, so we’re looking forward to Story Cut Short, We Were Trees and Roads To Nowhere – all of whom have gigs in the first quarter of 2011.


The New Guys – I have been blessed with help from the delightfully named Abe Juggins on my blog (he’s covering the metal side of things…) Vicky Scipio who has been enlisted to upload pictures of our shows to our facebook and Matt Davies who gets roped in from time to time to do some sound engineering, so many thanks the 3 of you for your help, support and general coolness, feathers, cap, doth!

PhotobucketAbe Juggins, Vicky Scipio, and Matt Davies.

Unsung Hero of the Year – goes to my wife, Mrs Zoe Newing-Moore.

None of my shows would happen without her support. I spend a lot of time away from her, leaving early and coming back late, and she puts up with me, even with my long hours of promotion (though I have got slicker recently) and for that I am eternally thankful for helping me pursue something I love!

So here is my formal thank you and me acknowledging to the world how much I love and cherish you!!


There was LOADS more that happened in 2011 – feel free to add your own memories / opinions and pictures below!

See you all in the new year, have a good Christmas, and where ever you end up New Years (I promise a show one year…)



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