New reviewer and our first review of the year!

I have a lot of time for the people who make up our local scene, and am delighted to introduce Sam Howlett as the guy who’s going to review my nights/bands and future releases… This particular review is of new Swindon promoter Rock and Dagger‘s first night at The Vic, enjoy.



After getting a cheeky invite the night before from Kieran to a gig in Swindon being played by bands that we had never heard of, my friend Jamie and I thought we’d do our research. After checking the bands out, there was no other answer but: yes, yes and yes.

I stayed up until the early hours playing The Boy Done Good’s Make believing, being amazed by Camera Culture’s bassy 80’s tones and baffled by The Naturals’ mystical mastery of ups and downs and loop de loop musical mayhem. Clearly buzzing for what the next day held.

Finally the hour was upon us and we were soon flying down the dual carriageway and bound for Swindon. On arrival I was already impressed, the venue looked superb and the stage had the promoter’s logo as a backdrop; it’s the little things that make the difference to me sometimes.

The night kicked off with local band The Boy Done Good who played a lively bright set of indie wonder and had my toes tapping unashamedly under the table until I had no other choice but to stand up and join the crowd. I joined the crowd in good time too to bear witness to Camera Culture’s set, which is viewed best by being stood bang in the middle of the room and just getting loose whilst the bass and tinkling guitars tickle your cochleae (the bits in your ear).

To wrap up the night Bristol band, The Naturals treated us to a swirly vortex of distorted, delayed crazy guitar that left the entirety of the audience gob smacked. I really needed to go to the toilet but the front man’s Dad stopped me. I’m glad he did. It was not to be missed. Although I’m not sure I understood this unique four-piece, I know I enjoyed it.

With my ears ringing and stomach full of cold beverages, Mr. Cod and McDonalds, I knew it was definitely worth nipping up to Swindon for this gig. I’m definitely up for another one.



One thought on “New reviewer and our first review of the year!

  1. Discovered Camera Culture on a mail from the Vic in Swindon and downloaded the fantastic “Shock Horror (Love Will Call) ” Free Single.
    This band stand out from the current crop of guitar led bands, don’t just think 80’s, this band have moved the sound on.  Comparisons to the “Comsat Angels” , check them out and see..

    Kieran  book this band. PLEASE.

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