Dead Note Attire – local band merchandise…

I LOVEit when within the scene some one springs up and does something unexpected – so step forward Ashley Clarke, guitarist in City May Cave, for your unexpected plunge into the world of clothing.

Ash got from old Mr Santy Claus screen printing apparatus and never looked back. The name of the venture is the appropriately titled Dead Note Attire, which is refreshing as it doesn’t have the word “Apparel” in and is almost suggestive at Smart – with the word attire.

You can check his stuff on the facebook link, and there are offers to have merch stands at gigs, I offer my gigs as a platform too Mr Clarke. Ash has or is about to complete an art course at Chippenham college, and this really shouldn’t be a surprise, as he has proven himself to be very arty, dedicated and capable in the past, so I’m sure he will make the most of this new direction.

I also assume the band is there for still full steam ahead? Lets hope so. Click “like” on Facebook to get some discounts on the gear.

Dead Design


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