New band rehearsal space – In Devizes

A brand spanking new rehearsal complex has opened up in Devizes, on the Hopton Industrial estate.

Dan Clarke and Connor Fathers join a recent expansion of local-to-Devizes professionals starting new business ventures!

The complex features 2 spaces, which can be used at the same time – both complete with beefy backline, drum shells and PA system. All mics and cables etc are included, so you simply need to rock up, (like a well organised gig) with the bare essentials – heads, guitars and drum breakables.

There was a opening launch style party of those involved last night (Monday) and the suite is now open for business – it’s extremely competitively priced, of which you can find more information out on their website (like the exact spec etc)

You can check out and join their Facebook network here, and if your in a local band / act that would consider using the studio, there will be an open night to be confirmed soon for your perusal.

I personally think this is excellent news for Devizes and our local music scene. It’s exactly what a lot of local bands need to take their sound and technique to the next level, and I hope my ears reap the rewards over the coming months.

All at Sheer Music wish the two boys every bit of success and we’ll happily help out where ever possible.

The Warehouse Studio


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